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Do I need a film licence to screen a film outdoors?

Yes, in most circumstances you will need a film licence to screen a film. Prices start from £83 plus VAT and it can take up to two weeks for approval to come through so don’t leave it until the last minute. You cannot start marketing or promoting your event until you have the approved licence in place. 

Have you got liability insurance?

We have our own liability insurance that covers us up to £5m.

What is included in the hire element?

Our hire package includes all of the equipment required to screen a film either indoors or outdoors. This includes: high quality projectors, first class sound systems and Airscreens for our outdoor screenings.

What happens if it rains?

We can still show the film in rain, however, the wind cannot be above 25 knots or it becomes a health and safety risk. We monitor the wind speed at the time of set-up and throughout the screening. We do ask the ticket holders for our events, to keep an eye on our Facebook page where we’ll post updates about weather conditions.

How much space is required for the screen and projector?

For our largest screen, we suggest a 22 x 18 metre footprint area. We would ask that you don’t seat any of the audience closer to the screen than 12m as this is just too close to the action.

For our smaller screens, we can work in a 5m x 5m footprint. Please contact us with your dimensions and we’ll get back to you to let you know which size we can use and what your audience capacity will be.

Can I put the outdoor screen on anything other than grass?

We base our quotes on a grass set up on the assumption that we can stake the screen guy ropes into the ground. If your site is not on grass, you will need to arrange for weights, ballasts or vehicles to help anchor the screen. Please get in touch to discuss.

Although it helps, the ground doesn’t have to be flat or level. We’ve worked on some of the steepest slopes!

For outdoor screenings does it need to be dark?

For the best results, we wouldn’t recommend the film starts any earlier than sunset, dusk is ideal.  The darker it is, the better the quality of the screening. 

What power do we need to provide?

We need 2 or 3 x 13 amp, 16 amp or a 32 amp single phase. If this is not possible, we can provide a silent generator that powers our whole set up at an additional cost.

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